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The programme for NFF 2022 has now been released:

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If you want to read about past years’ films keep scrolling and you can also watch some of our live content from 2021 now recorded on our YouTube

Here is the 2021 schedule so you can see what you missed last year!

We were very excited to present the shortlist for our main short film competition for Northampton Film Festival 2021 – read about all of them here on our blog.

The 2021 results can be found here.

The 2021 Schools Competition Winner Charlie Woodward with Screen Northants’ Becky and Grosvenor Centre Manager James Roberts and runner up Oscar Myles.

When we couldn’t hold the festival in 2020 due to the pandemic we ran a lockdown competition instead – here are all the entries to our 2020 Kind of a Big Deal In My Living Room lockdown film competition:

We’ll start with the winner:

Lockdown by Doug Kennedy of Hold The Foam and Theze Guyz Theatre Company

“Sarah Love sent me the recording of the song via WhatsApp on Good Friday, I recorded the video with a laptop, webcam & mobile phone the next day, edited it that night ready for upload on Easter day. So definitely a successful Collaborative Lock-down effort!”

Distance Not Distant by local company Richer View

You can read all about their entry in the Chronicle & Echo here

Monster by Theze Guyz Theatre Company

“The film is called Monster and shows that everyone is not safe at home. Two households joined forces to make this film.”

Easter Weekend by Olivia Foan

“A short film by Olivia Foan about spending Easter Weekend in lockdown away from your family in London. Wishing for Northampton, it’s memories and the people that make it home.”

Same Time Tomorrow by Lara Sugden

“Jess and Emily are best friends, and as Emily struggles through an illness, Jess is there to comfort her; but beneath all the joy and laughter, lyes a nightmare, no-one can imagine.”

Stay at Home by Stewart McGrath

We know Stewart as an actor but this is the first short film he has made! “The film was made specifically for the competition and all lockdown rules were obeyed. I live in town, so outside shooting was done during exercise walks.”

Stay Home by Ellie Woodward

“Stay Home, glamourising the concept of ’staying home’, was shot on my iPhone with the sequence very roughly cut together to create the sense of a ‘home movie’. Stay Home was created to celebrate the self in a setting that is familiar, but in a way that is unfamiliar. If the film was to say something in a very simple statement it would be ’staying home is what you make of it’.

Normality has descended into surrealism and by performing normal tasks in a stylised way, with some of the tasks and poses being strange and bizarre, yet in an everyday setting, I am demonstrating the juxtaposition of the everyday and the bizarre. We are all inhabiting our home spaces, but not in a way we have ever done before. The serious way in which slightly ridiculous activities are carried out is also intended to highlight this clash. Another deliberate juxtaposition is the speed of the tasks being performed in comparison to the endless amount of time we have to complete them in.”

Ascension Day by Chris Brown

Involving people from Kettering, Northampton and beyond, Chris says “My faith is people. I made this video with the help of over 160 others so we remember what’s going on in the world right now with COVID-19.”

30 April 2020 a video diary by Piyus Tanna

Auto responder by Becky and Pete Carrier

Then because I, Production person Becky Carrier, known as Becky Adams, like a challenge, I made a film with my Gaffer husband but neither of us wanted to be in it. Made entirely with Powerpoint and Moviemaker! As Screen Northants is a judge it’s out of competition but we’re all in this together…. Be kind!

Maggie’s Lovely Trumpy Monster by Alec McPhedran

“A first attempt at animation using an image my grand daughter drew. Amazingly, mainly completed on PowerPoint.”

Lockdown Meltdown by Beverley Webster

Northampton made short film: “We had great fun making the film, our first foray in that direction.”

Working from Home by Lou Chawner

The Birds of Barton by Louis Sheldon

A short documentary which explores the wondrous lives of the birds within Earls Barton.

Pulse by Mia and Ava Joyce

“PULSE is a short film set in an alternate reality where in reaction to the Corona Virus pandemic, the government has sent everyone to the safe zones, taking all except one… PULSE is a short film directed, acted and produced by myself (Mia) and my sister Ava Joyce, we are both born and raised in Northampton and this film was filmed at our home in Northampton.”

Guidelines by Harry Saunders

“We are two students from university of Northampton on the BA Acting course. It’s the our first film we have ever made but still was a lot of fun.” At 24 minutes it’s pretty impressive! Contains swearing.

Vision by Shujaat Qalans

“This took about 6 hours to make from filming and editing…. I enjoyed making this short film during this lockdown. [It] is not too serious so excuse the bad editing and acting. I used my iPhone to shoot all the scenes and used a POV phone holder for some scenes. For editing I used the basic Windows video editor.

The inspiration of this film was from a quote or line I read online which was along the lines of (Don’t believe everything you see) which is why I hid some hints throughout the movie let me know if you found them.”

Star Wars Clone Wars inspired stopmotion from The Official Dan, a Northants based Level 3 Media student

A Dog’s Life: in Lockdown by Corby filmmaker Craig McPhee. ‘

“”It is a short documentary style video showing the challenges my dog faces in isolation, especially when it comes to only being allowed one walk a day per the government’s guidelines. ‘With the country on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Craig reveals the struggle of a Dog’s life during a lockdown. Be prepared for laughs, tears and going ‘Awww’ constantly. Craig MacPhee is an actor, writer, director and producer who is passionate about bringing stories to life, his most recent short film that he wrote, directed, produced and acted in (Don’t Forget Me) based on his own experience of being a carer for his Grandma who has dementia, has helped to raise hundreds of pounds for Alzheimer’s Society through screenings.”

A Walk on the Outside by Rhiannon Pallister

Rhiannon, who is a regular volunteer with Screen Northants, said “Me and my friends and family had a laugh making this while in lockdown. I hope it brings a giggle to your day too.”

The Space by Northampton filmmaker Connor Mclean.

Connor won the 48hr Film Challenge at Northampton Film Festival 2019 and he has also won two of the five 48hr Challenges we’ve run since the 2019 festival. Have a look on his YouTube page to see these films – you may notice a theme!

A runaway baseball from Marcus Grant .

“I made the film to make people smile in our Baseball club, as there will probably be no season this year. My son plays for Northampton Baseball clubs mini centurions, and I’m one of the coaches. I thought It would be good for one of his media/art projects as I am home schooling him.”

Lost in Twinslation by SUAGA Productions

“We’re identical twin sisters who grew up in Northamptonshire who are currently isolating separately from one another during the pandemic. Louise is isolating in Northampton and Lucy is isolating in Leicestershire. The documentary follows our journey and experiences during the lockdown, including celebrating our birthdays apart for the first time in our lives and interviews with other twins who are in identical situations.”

The Journey by Kelly Golding

“Moving, she got a little more than she bargained for…”

Reaching Troy by SteamWork Film

An isolation film made for a little fun by two people about 40 miles apart. This the first attempt with green screen (blue screen at Francesca’s), first attempt at making a short film with mobile phones and first attempt at any detailed editing (normally, a great guy in Northampton does that bit). Also, I’m not an actor!

CVT by Ty Gordon-Fordyce and Joe Tapp

“It’s an experimental film me and my friend made separately from each other. He shot it very off the cuff and I saw the potential. We then edited the footage into a short film.”

Lego Movie by Liana Dudareva

“My friends and I had a lot of fun making this one and thank you for such a great opportunity during this lock down!”

Alarm Clock by Jorden Heffernan

“Featuring a very old alarm clock and a not so old housemate-turned-actor.”

Stuck Inside Science by Laurence Maybury

Wacky and wonderful from Laurence as ever!

Tick Tock by JCM Photography

“It’s a short film I have written, filmed, sound recorded, acted in and edited all by myself and one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever undertaken…do you know how hard it is to get focus when you’re supposed to be in the shot?! My family and I are in no way actors and I think that may show! Haha. This is the first film piece I have completed by myself and not had someone else to edit along side. It was also my first time using Final Cut Pro X which was an absolute dream to use but with the help of good old YouTube tutorials I manage to get it to what I originally envisaged one sleepless night at about 5am…if not a little less cinematic than it was in my head. I am a photographer at heart, and not a videographer but it was a real fun challenge using moving images rather than stills nonetheless!”

Solitude by Fermynwoods

A short film about being on lockdown by students from The CE Academy working remotely with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art.”

GD vs COVID by Robert B. Weide

“Great Doddy Cricket Club ain’t gonna let this virus stop us from playing the game we love.” Mind out for swearing!

Entrance to the Void by Logan Anderson (Guidance – 16yrs+)

Lockdown Blues by Scarlett Teckman

A short animation by Scarlet, 13yrs.

Lockdown Party at Mandem Towers by Megan Lucas and Julia Langley

Once Upon a Lockdown by Peter Thorn

A 2020 Lockdown take on “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

Where are we going by Simon Nunn

A film made in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring the liminal space between past, present and the unknown – a dying man narrates his poetic thoughts as he nears departure.

The Roll by Connor Mclean

Winnie the Pooh is stuck inside all alone. Connor is locked in and nearly out of toilet roll.

Chair by Close Knit Studios

A guy who is in lockdown and starts off nice and clean but general progression takes it’s toll. 38 days into quarantine, he just may have become too reliant on his chair.

Lockdown Zen by Benji Dotan

“Benji retreats back inside and tries to reacquaint himself with home. What lies within his imagination? Can he calm down and stop rushing past himself? Can he ignore the chaos that the pandemic brings and find his inner peace?”

A Lovely Shine in Lockdown by Anne-Maris Sandos

“I wrote this as a play over over 6 years ago. I was supposed to perform it at the Corby Cube but suffered with terrible morning sickness and did not get the chance to perform it. Fast forward to now and I saw the call out for films and I thought “Where’s that old script” I bet I could rewrite it to make it work. I am a first time film maker as are my husband and my friend Michelle. We didn’t know what we were doing but we had great fun doing it. I hope that you have fun watching it. This film is PG. If you want to avoid awkward questions watch away from young eyes.”

Catsolation by John Wiseman

“I’m currently self isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic. And there is a cat. I got bored so decided to create a short comedy horror within the confines of my garden.”

Self isolation by Blake Ridder starring 2 actors with a connection to Northamptonshire

“After an outbreak, a group of friends stays in touch online during self-isolation. The impact of staying at home takes a dark turn for Jessica.”

NFF 2019 Winners and Runners Up

Best Film in the Northampton category was Ioyln by Northampton Producer Joseph Tapp. The film is still doing its festival run so currently you can’t find it online. Fearing her broken marriage is coming to an end, a Woman manipulates a much younger admirer into kidnapping her in the hope she can force her husband to finally confirm suspicions of an affair.

Best Film on the theme of Coming of Age in the Northampton Category and Best from a 16-25yrs Filmmaker was My Friend Frank by Joel Caborn who wrote and directed the film while studying at the University of Northampton. Charlie loves his mum but she doesn’t look after him properly, sometimes she hurts him. Charlie doesn’t have friends at school but since inheriting a games console, he does online. Watch the trailer here.

Runner up in the Northampton Category was Prey from Northampton company Giant Dwarf with Director James Millar. Watch the film here. John and Lucy are in the middle of a frantic and chaotic escape with their lives literally hanging in the balance… but from what? who? and why?, will they get away or will they become the PREY.

Runner up Coming of Age and 16-25yrs Filmmaker in the Northampton category was Headphones by Northamptonshire Writer/Director Thomas Line which you can watch here. Sarah, an introverted 17 year old shuts out the world with music via her ever present headphones. When these break she is forced to interact with her surroundings. A coming-of-age drama in which elusive detachment must make way for blossoming new relation.

Best Northamptonshire Film went jointly to two films: Hangover Food by Ross McGowan who grew up in Northamptonshire and Keeping K’iche’ by Director/Editor Ashley Williams who is Northamptonshire born and raised. Very different films! Hangover Food tells the tale of how Bruce tries to convince his friend Lee to go out again tonight as Bruce has a chance with a girl but Lee is suffering from the most almighty hangover…. Watch it here and Keeping K’iche is part of a documentary series Lindsay Does Languages. When we think Mayan, we think of a civilisation long gone, of ancient temples and majestic pyramids. We don’t think languages. And we likely don’t think of Mayan people living today and speaking those languages. But that’s exactly what this film is about. Watch it here.

Finally we have Runner Up in the Northamptonshire categoryTroubled Waters by Writer/Director Gemma Norton who is based in Northamptonshire. Viv is engaged in a minute-by-minute psychological battle with herself and her family. A heaviness hangs over the house. The exhausted Viv tries to go about her day, but she’s unable to shake a creeping dread that something’s wrong. Watch it here.