We’re nearly half way through but we’ve still got plenty of free stuff going on.

  • Monday 18th March Film Forum – a free event for film professionals and film production companies, and associated trades, at Film Festival Central to discuss Film in Northants and how we can be greater than the sum of our parts. 5pm-7pm. Register via
  • Monday 18th March 16-25yrs (ish – we won’t be IDing!!) Film Networking – a free networking and drinks hour from 7pm-8pm with the Film Forum businesses. Open to any young person 16-25yrs who would like to attend to find out more about opportunities locally. Register via
  • Wednesday 20th March 48hr Film Challenge screenings – from 6pm at Film Festival Central at the Grosvenor Centre we will be screening all of the films made during the 48hr weekend. Anyone is welcome to attend.
  • Thursday 21st March Rural Media information evening on BBC Arts’ New Creatives scheme – from 6.30pm. Free to Northants people 16-30yrs who are interested in finding out more about this scheme. Register here
  • Monday 25th March First Films are Sh*T Show them Anyway – free and open to anyone at Film Festival Central. This evening is just about sharing your first films, whether you think they are masterpieces or not. Films are made to be shown! You can submit for free anytime up to the event. Special guest to be announced.

Film Festival Central is on the ground floor of the Grosvenor Centre near the Market Square entrance. To read more about our events visit What’s On.

If you want to hear about all our free events and film festival activities you can sign up to the Screen Northants mailing list here