It’s free! We accept films even if they are currently freely available on the internet. Entries must be submitted with a completed application form and with an online screening copy of the film. There is no limit on when the films had to be made – it can be 10 years old as long as it stands the test of time!  

If you’ve never entered a film festival before you can submit to our First Film category. This is just for fun, no competition, no judging. Just sharing! Get the first one out of the way. Click here for FIRST FILM.

We are taking submissions that fit into any of the following criteria:

  • Northampton
  • Northamptonshire
  • Coming of Age

Note: We may choose to move your film into a different category if we think it is better placed there so don’t worry about choosing the wrong category.

For Northampton and Northamptonshire films, we’re accepting fiction and non-fiction short and feature films, music videos, animations, documentaries, and art/experimental films of any length!

To qualify for the Northampton or Northamptonshire category you need to be able to tick one of the following criteria:

  • Producer or Director or Writer or lead actor was born in Northampton/shire or is currently studying at or graduate of the University of Northampton or is currently living here (even if at university term time elsewhere) or has a film business based in the town/the county
  • Or the film was shot in Northampton/shire
  • Or the story is inspired by Northampton/shire or a famous Northampton/shire person/building/theme

If your film doesn’t fit the criteria but you think you can make a great case as to why we should let it in, then, hey, this is the film industry – pitch to us! If we agree we’ll allow you to submit. Our decision is final!

Prizes: Best Film, Best Film By 16-25yrs Director/Writer/Producer, Best Film on the theme of Coming of Age.

To qualify for the Coming of Age category your film must be a fiction or non-fiction short film, a drama, animation, documentary or art/experimental film up to 30 mins in length. You can enter a feature film but it will be out of competition. Please use the same form to submit.

The short films must be one of the following:

  • A previous film festival award-winner
  • Or by a Writer, Director or Producer who was 16-25yrs at the time of completion

Prize: Best Short Film

Submissions Close 5pm Monday 4th March 2019

Prizes: Each winner will receive an award and a goodie bag as well as of course fame throughout Northampton.

Screen Northants will draw up the shortlist of films to be presented to the judges. Their decision is final! If your film is chosen to be screened as part of the competition you will be invited to the screening evening, and if you are a winner you will be invited to our Closing Ceremony to collect your award which will be held on the evening of Wednesday 27th March at the Royal Theatre on Guildhall Road Northampton.

If you want to find out more about our judges, click here

If your film isn’t selected for the competition we would still like to be able to screen your films in one of our other venues such as Film Festival Central in the Grosvenor Centre. You can consent, or not, to this on the submission form.